Did you know we can replace bulbs and wiper blades to help you pass an MOT?

We'll replace bulbs if it helps your car pass the MOTLutterworth MOT Centre is an independent testing station that doesn’t do repair work. That means we offer you a completely impartial MOT test and you can be confident that we are not selling any unnecessary work that’s ‘needed’ to pass the MOT*.

However, if the only thing that is going to fail you is a dead light bulb or a wiper blade that’s not doing its job, we may be able to replace those for you, saving you the trouble of going away to replace them and coming back for a retest.

Some bulbs are easier to swap than others though, so if it’s a bulb that is difficult to get to and we’re all booked up with MOTs, we may need to ask you to replace it at home and come back for a free retest.

Bulb replacements can cost as little as £3.00 on top of your MOT fee – prices vary according to vehicle type.


*Disclaimer: No offence intended to garages who do carry out both MOTs and repair work!

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