Protect your number plates from theft with tamper-proof screws

UPDATED 09/05/2017: We no longer have a supply of these screws. They’re cheap and easy to find online – search for ‘tamper proof number plate screws’

Vehicle number plates can be easy to steal. Not only does this cause an inconvenience to the car owner in having to get new plates, but the stolen plates can be used in a number of crimes including

  • disguising a stolen vehicle
  • speeding
  • illegal parking
  • driving off from petrol stations
  • not paying congestion charges

Once “your” vehicle has been used in one of the crimes, it can be difficult to prove it was not actually you and your vehicle.

One way to deter number plate thieves is to fit tamper-proof screws. These screws are fitted with a plastic cover and are very difficult to remove.

Secure your number plates with tamper-proof screws

Lutterworth MOT Centre is pleased to be working in partnership with Leicestershire police to help local residents in keeping their number plates secure. We now stock tamper-proof screws and can fit them to your vehicle, completely free of charge.

On plates with screws already fitted this is usually a straightforward swap. Where your plates are attached with tape and there are no holes to use for the screws, we may be able to assist in fitting them, or would be happy to give you a pack of the screws to arrange fitting yourself.