We can test all types of car, from modern family cars to classic and sports cars.

What cars do we test?

Cars are in test class 4. This class also includes:

  • 3 wheeled vehicles more than 450kg unladen weight
  • taxis
  • minibuses and ambulances up to 12 passenger seats
  • goods vehicles not exceeding 3000kg Design Gross Weight (DGW)
  • motor caravans
  • dual purpose vehicles
  • three-wheeled motor tricycles (wheels symmetrically arranged with a max speed over 45km/h, or engine size over 50cc, more than 450kg ULW)
  • light quadricycles (four wheeled vehicle with a max ULW of 350kg, max speed of 45km/h and not over 50cc for a petrol engine or 4KW for any other engine or electric motor)
  • quadricycles (four wheeled vehicle with a max ULW of 400kg (550kg for a goods vehicle) with a max net power of 15KW)

Did you know?

We also replace bulbs and wiper blades