Regardless of if your car is a daily commuter, modified or something special we’re excited to be your local MOT station. We’re impartial and so you know that the MOT will be fair and reasonable.


Whether it’s a camper van conversion or your sole form of income, you need an impartial and informed MOT with common sense.


We enjoy working on the unusual and different vehicles that come through our doors.

If you have an exotic car whether it be an import or simply rare, we’d love to have your car for an MOT test with us and to hear the story behind your ownership.


A motorhome isn’t a just a vehicle, it represents a lifestyle and allows you the freedom to explore at your leisure.

When we test a motorhome we understand that it may have been standing over the winter. We work with owners to do our bit to ensure your travels are as trouble free as possible.

Electric Cars

Did you know as well as traditional petrol and diesel cars we’ve been MOTing electric cars since summer of 2022?

We understand an electric car is an investment in the future and so we take great pride in our capacity as your chosen MOT testing station.


Whether you have an off the shelf bike, an import, or something a little more custom, we provide a knowledgeable service with common sense.

We believe in working with owners to ensure that their bike reflects their personality whilst still passing the MOT test.

We’ve collaborated with Youtuber The Doghouse to produce an MOT guide for owners.

Classic Cars

As classic car owners ourselves we know the ins and outs of classic cars and appreciate the hours of hard work that has gone in to maintaining your pride and joy.

We welcome customer involvement so we can put your mind at rest and so we get to know the history of the vehicle.


We do everything we can to ensure our MOTs on horseboxes reflect the love and care that you put in to the animals they transport.