MOT expiry dates, and when to book

We are always being asked about when a vehicle’s MOT is due, or how soon it can be booked in for testing, so here are a few of the most common questions.

“When is the MOT due?”

Check it here: All you need is the registration number.

“How soon can I book the MOT test?”

One month minus a day before it expires – if you want to keep the same expiry date.
E.g. your expiry date is 12th November, the earliest the vehicle can be tested is 13th October.

There is nothing to stop you coming in at any other time of the year, but that will reset the expiry date to the day before the test.
E.g. Your expiry date is 12th November, but you have the vehicle tested on 3rd September. The new expiry date becomes 2nd September. This can be useful if you want to move the MOT time to a more convenient date, or to sell a vehicle with a full 12 month MOT.

“I want to move my MOT expiry date so it is at a different time to my insurance renewal/regular holidays. Can I do that?”

Yes, see answer above.

“Is there any grace time on the expiry date?”

No. Once the expiry date has passed you are driving illegally, which is why there is a whole month before the expiry date when the test can be booked without losing any days.
This common misconception probably comes from there being a ten-working-day period in which an MOT failure is eligible for a retest.

Have you any queries about MOT expiry dates which you think should be included here? Let us know if so.

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