Sign the e-petition to keep Mallory Park open

Local racing circuit Mallory Park, located near Hinckley and Leicester, could be in danger of closing soon. Residents in the area are concerned about increased noise levels and the number of days the park wants to open.

At the moment an agreement set up in 1985 states that the park can be open for 92 days per year; Mallory Park says that to remain viable they need to be open 160 days per year. If they can’t they are in danger of having to close and the site being sold to a building developer.

There’s an e-petition supporting Mallory Park available on the government’s e-petition website. If 100,00 signatures are added the issue can be heard in the House of Commons.

We’ve signed the petition – if you want to add your support, get your name added here:

Mallory Park’s official website can be found at