A note from Lutterworth Carnival’s Best Stand! 6th July 2013

Our winning stand at Lutterworth CarnivalFor anyone who might have missed us at Lutterworth Carnival this weekend, we went Top Gear style in an attempt to work with the ‘By the Sea’ theme of this year’s Carnival.

After much debate about how we would be able to pull it off, James’ old Spitfire (that many of you are familiar with seeing living in our car park!) was converted into a boat, aptly named Testing Waters – well, how else could we make MOTs fit the seaside theme? She certainly drew a lot of attention from passers by.

We had Hook-a-Truck Car for the kids – fishing for cars in the treacherous waters of a paddling pool filled with plastic sea creatures. Everyone got to keep the car they caught, and a few were lucky enough to pick the Prize Cars, winning extra prizes for themselves or mum and dad – including a free MOT.

Braybrooke Morris DancersWe must thank the ladies and gentlemen of Braybrooke Morris Dancers (in particular, Peter Hanby; you played the fool well, sir) for choosing a spot in front of Testing Waters to entertain the crowds. A very admirable show, considering how hot the sun was!

Testing Waters, the Lutterworth MOT Centre yacht!Thanks also to everyone who came to see us on the stand, it was good to see a few familiar faces amongst the visitors.

The Carnival was a great opportunity for us to let people know about a few changes coming up at Lutterworth MOT Centre. As of mid-August we will be adding Class VII and III MOT testing to our catalogue. Keep an eye on the website or our Facebook and Twitter pages for more details.

To top off a lovely day all round, as things started to draw to a close we were very pleased to be told we had won the ‘Best Stand’. A proud moment for us all (making the sunburn and damaged legs worthwhile!).