2,300 miles… one weekend… we did it!

Somewhere in deepest, darkest Scotland...In case you missed the previous post (link), James, Michael, and their friend Ben recently took part in Club Triumph’s 50th anniversary Round Britain Reliability Run.

They took our 1974 Triumph 2500, The Duchess. She performed well and completed the 2,300 mile trip easily – though she did drink a lot more fuel than anticipated! The trip started and ended at Knebworth House, taking in John O’Groats and Land’s End, with several prearranged stops along the way to refuel (both the cars and the drivers).

At one stop the team helped out a stranded crew who had broken down in a car just like The Duchess (apart from being the 2000 model) and they were soon on their way. They weren’t spotted again though, so hopefully they reached the end. Out of the 133 cars who started, 119 finished.

TeamLMC published photos on social media as they travelled, and those photos have now been collected together here: view photo gallery.

The RBRR takes place every two years to fundraise for charity. This year’s beneficiary was Guide Dogs. Our team was pleased to raise £402, but at last count the total from all participants was a staggering £68,742!

Thank you to everyone who supported our team. Now, when’s the next trip … ?