The new style MOT certificate is here

From 19 April 2018, MOT certificates will look different in preparation for new MOT test rules which start in May.

We’ll update you on the new test rules and what they might mean for you very soon but in the meantime, here’s a look at the new style certificates.

The new test results will be:

  • Pass, no Advisories.
    The vehicle meets the minimum legal standards. But, you must sure it continues to meet those standard.
  • Pass with Advisories.
    An advisory may become more serious in the future. You should keep an eye on it and repair if necessary.
  • Pass with Minor Defects.
    There’s no significant effect on the safety of the vehicle or the environment, but you should repair the defect as soon as possible.
  • Fail with Major Defects.
    A major defect may affect the safety of the vehicle or other road users, or have an environmental impact. This will need to be repaired immediately.
  • Fail with Dangerous Defects.
    This means an immediate risk to road safety or serious environmental impact. The vehicle should not be driven until it has been repaired (excluding to a place of repair).

All MOT records are held online but you will still receive a paper copy to take away. To look more closely at the examples below, click the image to enlarge it.

A Pass certificate will look like this:
2018 style MOT Pass

A Pass with Defects will look like this:
2018 style MOT Pass with Defects

And a Fail will look like this:
2018 style MOT Fail

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