Do you always forget when your MOT is due?

If the answer is “yes”, you are not alone! Lots of people forget when it is due and don’t realise until they try to renew their road tax.

If you are not sure of the expiry date, check it online at


If you would like us to send you a free reminder, you can:

  1. Leave us your email address or mobile phone number at your next appointment and we’ll email or text you.
  2. Fill in a reminder card at your next MOT appointment and we will post it to you
  3. Leave us a message with your car registration number plus email address and/or mobile number for an email or text reminder.
We’ll remind you about a month before your MOT is due to give you plenty of time to book your vehicle in.

You can book any time during the month before the expiry date and keep that date for next time (your existing MOT certificate should tell you the earliest date this would be possible).

If your vehicle should fail the test you have 10 working days to get the problems fixed and come back for a free retest. If the repairs take longer than 10 days, we will need to do another full MOT test and the full test fee will be charged.