How soon before the expiry date can I get an MOT?

Blank MOT certificateHow soon an MOT test can be done before current MOT runs out is probably one of the most common questions we are asked about MOT expiry dates.

You can bring a vehicle for a test any time you choose – there is nothing to stop you doing it once a month if you wanted to!

“I want to keep the same expiry date for next year”

You can present the vehicle up to one month before the existing MOT expires and not lose any time – e.g. if the current certificate expires on 22nd October, you can come in from 23rd September onwards and still keep October 22nd as the expiry date.

Dates are set by the MOT computer, so we can’t fail to apply the right date – and we can’t manually change it either, under any circumstances.

“It’s failed – how long do I get for a retest?”

10 working days – which in real terms is two weeks, since weekends are not counted. (Neither are bank holidays, if one of those falls within those 10 days.)

The latest DVSA advice on driving a failed vehicle can be found at

“I can’t remember when the MOT runs out. Can you tell me?”

Yes, we can – but without printing you a duplicate certificate (which costs £5), we can only check this online at a website which you can also easily use yourself at any time. Road tax information for the vehicle can be found here too.

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  • Can I book my mot more than a month before it is due ie mot due 29 June 2024 wold like mot around this date but want to book mot in April 2024.

  • Hi
    Due to Covid and the fact that I’m a a key worker, the only time I could get off to get my MOT was one month and one day before my MOT was due. I now find Ive lost one whole month until it is next due. Is the anything I can do?
    Thank you.

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